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Your HOST Is Jevon Putnam AKA ZED!!

      Let's start off by figuring out whether you're a Cryptomanic or a noob to this industry. Yes, as a gamer; I used the word Noob. LOL! A Noob is simply a newbie to the game. This page will not only help you determine your level of knowledge in the crypto industry but it will also help provide you with education through our video blog.

Now, lets find out what bracket your in! Obviously a noob would know very little about cryptocurrency. As a complete NOOB (if this is you), it is important you understand the risk involved in this crypto industry! That said, The content in this website (including this page) is meant to help educate those interested in the crypto space. Our team cannot control what goes on in the crypto industry, but what we can do is help provide you with valuable content that you can use to make an educated assumption before getting involved in any projects or platforms. Please be sure to read our LEGAL DISCLAIMER in full before participating in any crypto related projects that might be shared or discussed on this website. If you have read our disclaimer and you are fully aware of any risk involved but still wish to advance your knowledge in the crypto space, then GAME ON!!

Now maybe your a bit more advanced than a Noob. Perhaps you heard of the Blockchain, or how about the number one crypto BITCOIN!? If not don't fret, your about to learn about it here on this website along with other crypto related topics like: altcoins, eth, trade, charts, crypto markets, wallets, crypto mining, and even GAMING 4 CRYPTO!!

Now if all that gets you excited like a gamer who just overclocked his/her graphics card just to play the shadowlands expansion for the latest World Of Warcraft video game then you may very will be a CRYPTOMANIC or at least on the road to becoming ONE! LOL

Keep in mind this is a video blog, that means you will find most things here in video format. All recordings related to CRYPTOMANICS can be found down below. This includes all our highly recommended crypto topics, education, and our Primary Cryptomanics YouTube Playlist where you can find our latest content! Please be sure you look over the other pages on this website to further your education in the crypto space. See you on the FLIP SIDE!


Stay In The Loop & Educate Yourself...