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Mining Crypto Currency!!

      Odds are you heard the term  mining  in relation to  bitcoin  or cryptocurrency in general; however, it isn't quite obvious what it means within that context.

Mining in the crypto space is the process of keeping blockchain data in check. Mining involved hard work produced by computers and results in a slow accumulation of resources in many aspects on how a miner would mine for gold or silver in a real mine shaft. However, the result in this case would be the accumulation of crypto currency instead of gold.

Anyone can become a miner, but remember that mining cryptocurrency is not for everyone. Over 70% of bitcoin mining occurs in China, due to the dirt cheap electricity that makes running mining rigs much more profitable. 

Whether or not you should become a Person who Mines Crypto will depend on you and your location. You will need to educate and do your due diligence and research to help determine if your properly equipped to mine cryptocurrency. That said, our team provides valuable content that can help educate or direct you down a path that you desire. However, the choice is completely up to you so please be sure to read our LEGAL DISCLAIMER before you make any purchases of any products related to mining that may be discussed in our video content. With That said, tune into our latest mining content in the  CRYPTO MINING PLAYLIST  Below.


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